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Pranav Patel

CEO, President and Co-Founder  

Pranav has served as Chief Executive Officer and President of 2D Genomics since its founding in 2016. Prior to 2D Genomics, Pranav has designed and developed several breakthrough technologies in the space of Genomics. Pranav has been an early member and contributor to companies including Pacific Biosciences and 10X Genomics where his core contribution has been commercialized in form of high-impact innovative products. Pranav has Bachelors & Masters from SP University in India, PhD from Krebs Institute at University of Sheffield, UK and MBA from University of Liverpool, UK. Pranav holds several Patents for innovative Molecular Biology assays and Enzyme Engineering. 

Arek Bibillo

CTO and Co-Founder

Arek is a CTO and co-founder of 2D Genomics.  He has more than 20 years of experience in NGS industry. He has been involved in development of cutting edge new sequencing technologies at PacBio and Genia-Roche.  At PacBio played pivotal role in redesigning enzyme and substrates to generate fundamental improvements in single-molecule sequencing. Arek was also key contributor for early corporate R&D strategy at Genia Roche and led R&D program for enzyme-pore machinery, the "heart" of the sequencer.  He is an author of numerous inventions and high-impact innovative products.   Before joining NGS industry Arek was a research fellow at University of Rochester and NCI-Frederick. He received his PhD from Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences.